Making PoI's Count

Making PoI's Count

Students will practice asking POIs that have strategic value to debate rounds and will help them engage in the debate at a deeper level. This is a class for students who are already comfortable asking and answering POIs.


This workshop is intended for Intermediate and Advanced Students. This means debaters with several years of experience. Debaters in this category should be familiar with basic argumentation, prep, and refutation, but are wanting to refine their skills and gain more complex ones. For debaters interested in higher levels of competitive debate. These students are often interested in competing nationally or internationally and have significant debate experience. Often students in grades 7-12


  • 1 class - $15
  • 2 classes - $30
  • 3 classes - $40
  • 4 or more classes - $55


This class is full. Registration is closed. 

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