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World's training camp


August 19

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Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Saskatoon has the priviledge of hosting this year's team Canada training camp. This...

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SEDA's 2018-2019 provincial finalists

Club Registration!

Welcome to the new debate club registration format! In an effort to streamline some of our processes we are trying a new format for debate club membership. This form is for the registration of debate clubs in the 2019-2020 debate season and should be filled out by the coach of the team. Click HERE to register your club for the 2019-2020 SEDA Debate Season. 

If you are a debater, you will register through your coach. If your school does not have a debate club, please contact so the SEDA office can help. 

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We can help you

  • Be an empathetic, critical thinker who can analyze both sides of an issue
  • Organize your ideas and create great speeches, essays, and other forms of arguments
  • Do well in job interviews, scholarship application, and in group situations that require persuasive speaking
  • Learn to support and critique ideas from multiple perspectives
  • Understand and value the power of words
Camp work

We offer a wide range of events for young people in grades 5-12 including:

  • free workshops for classrooms and clubs
  • debate tournaments
  • workshops
  • free evening classes
  • summer speech and debate camp

Our 2019-2020 schedule

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