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Saskatchewan Elocution and Debate Association

Learn the power of words with us.

The Saskatchewan Elocution and Debate Association is a non-profit organization that helps children and youth be effective communicators, deep thinkers, and engaged community members. 

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We can help you

  • Be an empathetic, critical thinker who can analyze both sides of an issue
  • Organize your ideas and create great speeches, essays, and other forms of arguments
  • Do well in job interviews, scholarship application, and in group situations that require persuasive speaking
  • Learn to support and critique ideas from multiple perspectives
  • Understand and value the power of words
Camp work

We offer a wide range of services for young people from 10 to early adult, including

  • free workshops for classrooms
  • free class materials for teachers
  • debate tournaments
  • workshops
  • free evening debate classes 
  • a wide range of free online resources 
Upcoming Event

SEDA Speech Tournament


March 2
Students will be adjudicated in three events for this Speech Tournament. Impromptu...

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British Parliamentary!

SEDA has frequently held a tournament in British Parliamentary style to act as the qualifier for Oxford cup, a tournament for grades 9-12 at the national level. With more national tournaments being held in BP style, we at SEDA want to ensure our students are adapting quickly to the changes in Canadian debate. To encourage our members to compete in BP style tournaments, we are now offering multiple tournaments and programs with a BP focus.

What events will cover BP?

  • Saskatoon debate camp: along with other new classes, this year’s debate camp will feature two classes dedicated to British Parliamentary along with the option to debate in BP rather than national’s style. Find out more about debate camp >
  • USDS-SEDA BP debates: The University of Saskatchewan Debate Society is teaming up with SEDA to bring back our BP pro-am. University students and SEDA members are all welcome to compete in this upcoming event. Find out more about the Pro-am >
  • BP qualifier: our annual BP tournament that acts as the qualifier to Oxford cup. Find out more about the qualifier >

SEDA is also hoping to offer several online lessons for coaches looking to learn about teaching BP, as well as several more workshops for clubs or regions looking to learn this style. Contact us to book a free workshop or to organize additional programming.

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