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Saskatchewan Elocution and Debate Association

Learn the power of words with us.

The Saskatchewan Elocution and Debate Association is a non-profit organization that helps children and youth be effective communicators, deep thinkers, and engaged community members. 

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We can help you

  • Be an empathetic, critical thinker who can analyze both sides of an issue
  • Organize your ideas and create great speeches, essays, and other forms of arguments
  • Do well in job interviews, scholarship application, and in group situations that require persuasive speaking
  • Learn to support and critique ideas from multiple perspectives
  • Understand and value the power of words
Camp work

We offer a wide range of services for young people from 10 to early adult, including

  • free workshops for classrooms
  • free class materials for teachers
  • debate tournaments
  • workshops
  • free evening debate classes 
  • a wide range of free online resources 
Upcoming Event

Junior Nationals


May 23

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Montreal, Quebec
CSDF’s annual National Championship for students in grades 7-9. SEDA selects competitors...

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SEDA's 2018-2019 provincial finalists

Summer Debate Camp 2019

Registration is OPEN!

SEDA's Debate camp is coming up in August and we're so excited. Debate camp is a week long experience with the goal of teaching students public speaking and debate skills. Over the years, this camp has been adapted to cater to as many different levels of students as possible. Beginner students will have the opportunity to get introduced to debate and practice their speaking skills while more experienced students can choose classes in areas where they still want practice. Debaters can expect to practice these skills in and outside of classrooms with fun, immersive, and challenging games.  

This year, camp will also feature even more new classes to choose from as well as more debates throughout the week for students who want more practice.

Camp registration is now open from May 6th through August 2nd. The normal camp fee is $200 per student, however, if you register before June 15th you qualify for our Early Bird Registration price of $175. Register here or learn more on our events page.


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