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The Basics of Debating
Teaching Debate

The basics of debating Debate in any form is simply two opposing viewpoints discussed in a specific manner. Within this parameter, the number...

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Debate as a Tool for Learning
Debate and the Curriculum

Debate and the curriculum  In the renewed curricula, debate skills begin in grade 5 and go to grade 12. Debate opportunities with SEDA...

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Games and Activities
Coaching, Teaching Debate

Game reference guide  These games are designed to help students become comfortable with public speaking in a group setting, and practicing...

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Coaching a Club
Coaching, Teaching Debate

Teaching students critical debate skills is your key responsibility as a coach. SEDA coaches are a cooperative group that share resources and help...

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Administering a Club
Administration, Teaching Debate

Like any other activity, debate requires organization. SEDA takes care of a large portion of the organizational aspect of running tournaments and...

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