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Words are Powerful

The Saskatchewan Elocution and Debate Association (SEDA) is a registered charity and volunteer-driven organization that was founded in 1974 that is dedicated to community development. Our primary goal is to promote debate and speech throughout Saskatchewan by hosting competitive tournaments, helping start speech and debate clubs, running workshops, and teaching speech and debate skills to students in grades 5-12.

History of SEDA

Meet the board of directors

SEDA is a community-focused organization that cares about the growth of every individual.  Our volunteers and coaches are teachers, parents, alumni and community members who are dedicated to sharing their passion for debate and their love of learning.

Words are powerful.  Our motto is a reminder to us all that words amplify our intent.   As we learn to use words effectively, we also routinely and intentionally challenge each other to consider how we are using this skill with words to make a better society for others.


SEDA’s vision is a world where youth have the confidence and skills to engage in reasoned discourse on complex and difficult issues.  

Our mission is to advance the speech arts among Saskatchewan youth by providing elocution and debate programs and resources. 


SEDA Values

  1. SEDA is committed to generating a space for participants to develop their critical thinking skills and engage in difficult conversations.
    • SEDA helps students find their voices and become conscious and engaged members of their communities.
  2. SEDA values diversity and believes that understanding and integrating diverse perspectives encourages personal growth and enriches our communities.
    • Diversity includes race, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, gender expression, first language, socio-economic status, disability, culture, worldview, geographical areas, intersectionality.
    • We Strive to reflect diversity.
    • We value both the quality of the conversation about diverse ideas and the learning that comes from it, knowing that it is a process that takes time, effort and practice.
  3. SEDA is committed to providing programming that is accessible.
    • Provide programming that is accessible to all Saskatchewan youth, regardless of skill level and experience, school or school system, region, and their family’s circumstances, including socio-economic status, first language, and education level.
  4. SEDA promotes growth in its participants by providing high-quality programming and resources.
    • High-quality programming means programming and materials that:
      • Are transparent
      • Are relevant
      • Are innovative
      • Have integrity
    • SEDA’s programming and resources are delivered by well-trained and prepared staff and volunteers
    • Our communications and operations are efficient and transparent.
  5. SEDA works to connect and engage with community partners.
    • SEDA works with community organizations with mandates and interests that help SEDA live its values and meet our strategic goals 

SEDA Board Policy

Click here for the full Policy: Board Policy

Audited Financial Documents

Board of Directors

Jennifer Peak


Mueez Rafiquie


Brady Knight


Andy Luu


Dana Brûlé


Stefan Belev


Jason Xiao


John Costa


Dylan Hardy


Lindsay Kiesman

Operations Director

Fiseko Musonda

Executive Director

Kehan Fu

Interim-Executive Director