British Parliamentary Qualifier


Event Details

  • British Parliamentary Style
  • Open to SEDA members in grades 7 to 12
    • Due to the complexity of this style and the complexity of the motions that come with it, we recommend students in grades 7 & 8 who would like to compete have at least one year of experience with National Style
  • 3 rounds of impromptu
  • Online
  • 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
  • British Parliamentary Style sees four teams compete against each other. If the number of teams registered is not divisible by four, some teams may be unable to compete.



  • All teams must provide one judge for the event. Teams that do not provide a judge may be unable to compete.
  • This year we are testing a payment option. If a team is not able to provide a volunteer judge, the team may pay a $130 fee for SEDA to find a judge for them. A paid judge is not guaranteed.
  • Judges can register HERE by October 7. 



  • A registration form must be filled out for each student by October 7. The parent/student may fill in the registration form OR the coach.  
    • Registration is closed. 
  • $20 tournament fee per student. Financial aid is availible.  
    • E-transfer to by October 7. Put the students name followed by BPQ in the memo line.
    • Teams that cancel less than 24 hours before the tournament will still owe tournament fees.
  • If you do not have a partner, SEDA will do its best to match you with a partner. 


This event will qualify students for the Canadian British Parliamentary Championships.

Canadian British Parliamentary Debate Championships Qualifying Criteria 

  • To be considered eligible, teams must have a team average of at least 65%, based on the ranking criteria used at the SEDA British Parliamentary Style Qualifying Tournament.  
  • Eligible teams will be ranked based on their team average. 
  • The number of teams invited each year is set by the event host. 
  • Ideally debaters on a team should be from the same school.  
  • Hybrid teams (students from different schools) are allowed to attend but are not allowed to break at Canadian British Parliamentary Debate Championships. [“To break” means to compete in the event finals.]  
  • Teams must accept or decline their invitation as a team.  

Responsibilities of Invited Teams 

  • All invited teams are expected to attend at least one SEDA arranged training session prior to the event and to cooperate with the designated coach(es). 
  •  Failure to comply may result in the invitation to the Canadian British Parliamentary Debate Championships being revoked. 
  •  There may be a fee related to the training session/s.  
  • Students are responsible for any registration fees, accommodation costs, and flight costs associated with national events. When SEDA is able, we will help with fundraising.

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