Coaching Intensive

Coaching Intensive
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Coaches of the Canadian world's team have offered to partner with SEDA this summer to offer a workshop for any coaches in the province looking to learn more about coaching. Sessions will focus on teaching complex skills and managing competitive teams along with a variety of other subjects. 

The workshop will be led by Jason Xiao, the current coach of the Canadian world's team. Jason Xiao began debating in elementary school in Saskatoon.  He competed as a member of Team Canada in 2014 travelling to places including Germany, Singapore, and the Czech Republic. At the 2015 World Schools Debating Championship, he placed 5th as an individual and reached the finals with Team Canada. Jason was a member of the UBC Debate Society and is a current member of the Oxford Union Debating Society. He was a semi-finalist at the World Universities Debating Championships 2018.  Jason is currently studying law at Oxford.

“My favorite thing about debate is the amount of learning you can have through debate. When done well and at high levels, debate is a condensed form of academia that rewards people for stepping out of their comfort zones and actually engaging with alternative viewpoints. There is nothing better for creating a critical and sharp mind.”

-Jason Xiao

There is no fee but you must register by August 14th. 



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