Case Specificity

Case Specificity

Effective argumentation relies on illustrations, mechanisms, and depth of ideas that ground your argument in the real world. In this course, students will practice manipulating precedence in their case stances and analysis to increase the efficiency and persuasiveness of their argumentation. They will also work on clearly linking their argumentation to well developed mechanisms. At the end of the week on day three, students will get to apply what they've learned in a round of debate with their classmates.

For debaters interested in higher levels of competitive debate. These students are often interested in competing nationally or internationally and have significant debate experience. Often students in grades 8-12


  • Monday July 6th 3PM to 5PM
  • Wednesday July 3PM to 5PM
  • Friday July 10th 3PM to 5PM


Registration is closed. If you have registered for July classes, you will be sent a course selection form shortly. Payment is due July 3rd.  

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