Saskatoon City Wide class

Saskatoon City Wide class
WMCI rooms 308, 309, Saskatoon

City wide is an opportunity for debaters of all levels of experience to improve outside of a club or tournament setting. 

SEDA has two free drop-in classes on thursday evenings open to all debaters, parents, and coaches in Saskatoon. Evening classes have no set topics as of yet, as they are planned based on interest and feedback from those who attend. Previous topics have included: advanced refutation, health care debates, basic argumentation, logical linking, and more. Students, parents, and coaches can expect a great deal of class discussion, activities/application of learning, and learning from others. Those who attend can choose from the following:

Beginner class- are typically designed for students in their first year or two of debate, new parents, and coaches wanting ideas on how to teach basic skills. Lessons tend to cover the basics of argumentation, refutation, style, POIs, or whatever the class is interested in. Beginner sessions are deisgned to help fill in gaps and reinforce key skills for beginner debaters.

Advanced class- are geared towards more experienced debaters. These classes tend to cover broad skills or concepts that can be applied for debaters who have a few years of experience. Skills are taught at varying levels so students in grade 7 or grade 12 will be able to take something away from the class. Similar to the beginner classes, the advanced sessions are created based on student interest. Debaters, coaches, and parents attending this class are expected to think critically about the content they want to learn, and be able to effectively assess their personal debating skills.

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