Interpretive Reading & Persuasive Speaking Workshop


Open to students in grades 9 - 12. 

In this workshop, students will explore the delivery of comedic and dramatic readings. The reading of texts is a challenge in many speech competitions, and this workshop will help prepare students to excel at these readings. Students are asked to bring a 30 second dramatic or comedic text to the workshop.  

Students will also learn basics of persuasive speaking. Persuasive speech is designed to persuade and must be based upon a serious problem that actually exists, although this does not mean that humour might not be useful at points in the speech! A problem/solution approach must be taken, i.e. speakers must identify an actual problem (it need not be an earth-shattering one) and propose, or at least examine, one or more solution. Students are asked to come with a persuasive speech topic. 

Students should come prepared to have their cameras on and participate fully.

Speech workshops are a great way to cross train to improve your performance in debate competitions! 

Register HERE by Friday January 15th. 

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