Making rebuilding matter

Making rebuilding matter

We often tell debaters that they failed to rebuild effectively, but what does that actually mean? Rebuilding can seem like this vague concept rather than an actual skill we employ in debate. In this workshop, students will learn why rebuilding matters, when it's necessary, and how to go about it. This will be designed specifically to target higher level debating including rebuilding in styles outside of nationals style. You can expect a mix of lecture, class discussion, and lots of practice applying newly discussed skills individually and in groups. 

Who: This workshop is targeted towards students with several years of debate experience, most likely in grades 7-12 (Intermediate and Open division debaters). You should feel comfortable with impromptu debate and complex refutation. 

When: May 26th, 3:00-5:00 pm via zoom

Register: This workshop is full. Stay tuned to our social media and our website for our upcoming June Workshops!

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