Provincial Championship

Walter Murray High School

Event Details

  • This will be a hybrid event.
    • Day one will take place over Zoom Friday March 24 from 5:15 PM to 9:00 PM (time subject to change).
    • Day two will take place at Walter Murray School in Saskatoon Saturday March 25 from 12:00 PM to 8:00 PM (time subject to change).
  • National Style
  • 2 rounds prepared (Day 1), 2 rounds impromptu (Day 2). There will be an open division grand final day 2.
  • A banquet dinner will be provided for all debaters and coaches on day two of the event. Parents and family members can attend the banquet for an additional Fee.  


To be eligible to attend the Provincial Championship, debaters must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Paid all outstanding SEDA fees
  • Participated in at least two tournaments in the current season, both in the same division
  • Using the best two tournament scores:
    • Eligible individual students are ranked by their average speaker points.
    • Eligible teams are ranked based on the team's combined speaker points

Invitations must be accepted or rejected as a team. The final number of teams invited to the Championships is determined by the host's capacity. Teams will receive their invitation no later than Tuesday March 7th


  • All teams must provide one judge for the event. Teams that do not provide a judge may be unable to compete. Judges will have the option to judge Friday OR Saturday. Your volunteer judge does not have to judge both days. 
  • We are offering a payment option. If you are unable to procure a volunteer judge, you may pay a $130 fee for SEDA to procure a judge for you. 
  • Judges do not need previous experience. We provide a judge briefing at the start of every event to teach judges how to score a debate.
  • Judges can register HERE by March 17th

Debater Registration & Fee

  • A registration form must be filled out for each student by Saturday March 11.  The parent/student may fill in the registration form OR the coach. The registration link will be included in the emailed invitations.
  • Tournament fee per student: $50
    • There are financial aid options available! You can select a financial aid option on the registration form.
    • E-transfer to by Saturday March 11. Put the students name followed by PRO in the memo line.
    • Teams that cancel less than 24 hours before the tournament will still owe tournament fees.


Theme: Law & Justice

Prepared rounds motions for all divisions: This house supports a complete switch to using AI and big data to replace human judgment in sentencing


There are currently not enough SEDA members in Regina or other cities outside of Saskatoon for SEDA to provide a bus for transportation. We apologise for this inconvenience. If travel costs are a barrier to participation, we encourage those students traveling to select a financial aid option for the tournament fee to help offset travel costs.


  • Each debater is allowed two virtual observers on day one. Virtual observers must be registered on the student’s registration form
  • Each debater is allowed two observers on day two. In-person observers must be registered on the student’s registration form
    • This is a change from our regular season in-person events. We are requiring in-person observers sign up to aid in the event organization.
  • In-person observers must watch debate rounds. Observers cannot loiter in the school.
  • In-person observers who have purchased a banquet ticket will be entitled to the afternoon snack as well. Observers who have not purchased a banquet ticket will not be receiving the afternoon snack.

Meals & Banquet

  • No food will be provided on day one as it is virtual. Please eat dinner before the event starts.
  • No lunch will be provided on day two. Please eat lunch before the event starts
  • Snacks will be provided through out day two of the event for debaters, coaches, moderators, and judges.
  • A banquet dinner will be provided for all debaters and coaches on day two of the event.
  • Parents or family members can purchase banquet tickets. Banquet tickets entitle you to the banquet dinner as well as the afternoon snack.
    • Only two family member banquet ticket can be purchased per debater.
    • Banquet tickets can be ordered on the student’s registration form. There are two prices for banquet tickets
      • Parents/family members who volunteer judge: $20
      • Parents/family members who do not volunteer judge: $40


This schedule is subject to change

Day 1, Friday Evening, Virtual

5:15 PM

Judge Check in


Judge briefing


Debater Check in


Debater Briefing


Round 1




Round 2


End of day


Day 2, Saturday, In-person

12:00 PM

Judge Check in


Judge briefing


Debater Check in


Debater Briefing


Round 3 Prep


Round 3




Round 4 Prep


Round 4


Announcing of the two teams in the open final 


Presentation in the Auditorium (While finals prep is happening)


Open Finals


Banquet Dinner & Awards (another call for the buffet will be given at 7:30 PM)


Event ends


Memorabilia & Swag

  • All debaters will receive a free sticker.
  • We will have other memorabilia including tote bags, stickers, pins, and vintage SEDA T-shirts available for sale.
  • Please bring cash is you plan to purchase some swag!

National Championship

This event qualifies students to attend the National Debate Championships. For qualifying criteria for the National Championship please view our qualifying criteria page HERE.


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