SEDA Speech Tournament

SEDA Speech Tournament

Martin Collegiate, 1100 McIntosh Street, Regina, SK

Students will be adjudicated in three events for this Speech Tournament.

Impromptu Speaking, Persuasive Speaking and Interpretative Reading.


Impromptu Speaking:  
Each speaker will draw three topics, which may be a word, a quotation, a phrase or anything not related to current events.  He/she must choose one of them and then has up to two minutes to prepare.  He/she may write notes but may not bring them up with him/her when he/she speaks.  The speech must last from 3-5 minutes.  Speakers may speak in favour of, against, in favour of and against, or about the topic.  It should be the sort of speech that would be delivered if the speaker were asked to speak on short notice to a general audience on the topic given.  They may interpret it within reason, including treating it as a metaphor but must speak about the topic that they have been given.  It is strictly understood that speakers will not use prepared material for this event.  Wit, humour, logic, philosophy and sentiment are all equally welcome.  Adjudicators will be looking for agility of thought, for substance, for organizational ability and style.

Persuasive Speaking:
This speech is designed to persuade and must be on a serious problem that actually exists, although this does not mean that humour might not be useful at points in the speech.  A problem/solution approach must be taken, i.e. speakers must identify an actual problem (it need not be an earth-shattering one) and propose, or at least examine, one or more solutions to it.  Speeches should be prepared beforehand and should be from 5-7 minutes for Junior and 7-10 minutes for Senior in length.  

Interpretive Reading:
Each participant should read a passage of prose or poetry, serious or humorous, with an appropriate brief introduction.  It must have been published in a book or magazine, not just a school or internet publication.  Published speeches may not be used unless part of a novel or fictional story.  Plays or excepts from plays may not be used.  The intent is that you are reading literature.  The piece must be selected by the student prior to the workshop/tournament.   Past efforts have included everything from Dr. Seuss to George Orwell.  Adjudicators will be concerned with how much the reader’s voice and presentation add to the material rather than with the talent of the author.  Please note that this is a reading, not a dramatic presentation.  Speakers may use gestures and facial expressions, and may stand or sit but should not move around excessively.  The time limits are from 5-7 minutes for Junior and 7-10 minutes for Senior, including a brief introduction.

“Speech is power; speech is to persuade, to convert, to compel.”   ― Ralph Waldo Emerson


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