Tournament 2: Higher Education

Tournament 2: Higher Education

This is a high school tournament

Please download:

  • Tournament Invitation below for the event details.
  • Tournament Brief for tips on how to handle the motions and themes.

Team Registration

Tournament registration is by team. SEDA would like coaches to register their teams for tournaments. If you are a student who does not have a school club this year, you or your parent may register your team. Only one registration per team. If you are unable to find a teammate, you may register as a single debater and SEDA will find a teammate for you. Please note: registration is not complete without the name of your judge. If you are unable to find a judge, please contact SEDA. 

Registration is closed. 

Judge Registration

Judge registration is closed. 

Once registration closes on Friday October 9th, SEDA will send you infomration to help you prepare for judging. A briefing for all judges will also be held at the beginning of the tournament. Please download our tournament invitation below for a detailed schedule of the day. 

Tournament Fee

A tournament fee of $10 per debater is due upon registration via e-transfer. E-transfer procedures are outlined on the registration form. If you are unable to pay by e-transfer, please contact SEDA at for an alternative payment method. 

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