Tournament 4

Tournament 4
Sylvia Fedoruk, Saskatoon

Join the Sylvia Fedoruk debate club for tournament four! The deadline for coaches to register their club is Friday, October 25th. 

Quick facts

  • When: Friday November 1st, 2019
  • Where: Sylvia Fedoruk, Saskatoon
  • Who: Beginner, Intermediate
  • Style: National's style, 2 rounds of prepared, 1 round impromptu
  • Fee: $25 fee per student, meal included

More tournament information can be found in the official invitation below.

Motion information

Prepared Elementary: This house would make elementary school gradeless

Impromptu theme: Education

Tips for the prepared motion and impromptu theme will be uploaded in the tournament one pager soon!


Coaches can register their teams HERE!

If you were asked to judge by a debate coach or a debater, register HERE!

If you were asked to be a moderator/ballot runner, register HERE!

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