Tournament 6


Event Details

  • National Style
  • Open to SEDA members in grades 5 to 8
  • 2 rounds prepared, 1 round impromptu
  • 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM
  • National Style sees two teams compete against each other. If the number of teams registered is not divisible by two, some teams may be unable to compete.



The prepared motion: This house, as Canada, would remove the king as the head of state. 


  • All teams must provide one judge for the event. Teams that do not provide a judge may be unable to compete.
  • This year we are testing a payment option. If a team is not able to provide a volunteer judge, the team may pay a $130 fee for SEDA to find a judge for them. A paid judge is not guaranteed.
  • Judges register HERE. 



  • A registration form must be filled out for each student by January 13. The parent/student may fill in the registration form OR the coach.  
    • Debater registration closed.
  • $20 tournament fee per student. 
    • There are financial aid options availible! You can select a financial aid option on the registration form.
    • E-transfer to by January 13. Put the students name followed by T6 in the memo line.
    • Teams that cancel less than 24 hours before the tournament will still owe tournament fees.
    • If your child needs to drop out because they are ill, we will defer your fee to the next event they attend.

  • If you do not have a partner, SEDA will do its best to match you with a partner.

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