Understanding motions: Motion analysis


Interpreting motions can be tricky. Oftentimes we miss key words and ideas which can make for a weak case or a bad debate overall. In this workshop on motion analysis, students will gain a basic understanding of how to break down motions to develop a stronger case. We'll be looking specifically at how to break down motions and understanding how words in a resolution change the debate overall. You can expect a mix of lecture, class discussion, and lots of practice applying newly discussed skills individually and in groups. 

Who: This workshop is targeted towards students with a basic understanding of debate, but are still building core skills. This is most likely students in grades 6-8 or novice high school debaters. 

When: May 19th, 3:00-5:00 pm via zoom

Register: This workshop is full. Stay tuned to our social media and our website for our upcoming June Workshops!

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