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Resources for Coaches FAQs

Fees and Membership

SEDA collects annual membership fees from clubs and students wishing to participate in the speech and debate season.  

Membership Fees 

Membership may be paid by e-transfer, PayPal or cheque.

  1. Club Membership 

    • Fee: $40 to $80
    • The club membership fee registers your club as an official member of SEDA and grants the club access to resources and materials for debaters. Students still need to pay for individual memberships.
  2. Individual Student Membership 

    • Fee:  $50
    • Debaters must also fill out the individual membership form before their first tournament. This membership form will be online. 
    • The membership fee must be paid before attending the first event of the year.

Tournament Fees

Speech and Debate Tournaments, and workshops are usually around $20 to $80, but may vary by host.

Financial Aid 

SEDA is committed to making speech and debate accessible and affordable. Membership/event fees can be reduced with the simple click of a button on any registration form. 

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