Parents FAQs

Parents FAQs

What should I do if there is no debate club in my child’s school?

Your child can still debate without one. If forming a club at that school isn’t possible, please contact the SEDA office to discuss alternative arrangements. 

How can I help my child learn more about debate?

SEDA offers multiple avenues for learning about debate. The first step is to find a club in your school, or somewhere nearby where they can learn. If your child is looking for additional experience, check out our debater’s resources, sign up for an upcoming workshop or camp, or join a city wide club for extra practice.

How can I train to be a judge and volunteer at tournaments?

All judges and other volunteers receive on-site training at tournaments. If you’d like to volunteer at one of our upcoming tournaments, check out the tournament schedule, or go to the volunteer resources.

I would like to help but am not qualified to judge. Is there another way to volunteer?

All judges receive on-site training, and many judges at tournaments are attending their first ever tournament. Or if you’re looking for other opportunities, contact us to get in contact with a tournament host to find other means to help out.

Are there speech and debate programs for adults?

The majority of our programming targets students from grades 5-12.