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Introduction to Nationals Style

The most common style used in SEDA and across Canada is Nationals Style. The simple mechanics allow students to really focus on the basic principles of debate. To learn about Nationals Style, there are three documents below that cater to different levels of debaters:

1) Basics of Nationals Style

This document outlines the basic structure and responsibilities of each speaker in a Nationals round. It covers the bare bones of the structure and serves as a good handout or introduction for young debaters.

2) Introduction to Nationals Style

This document is a more comprehensive look at Nationals Style and delves more deeply into the responsibilities of each debater in the room. It covers each constructive speech as well as replies, POIs, and key elements every speaker should consider. This document is good for new debaters who are a little older or young debaters with some prior experience.

3) Key Debate Terms

Debate tends to use a lot of loaded words that make it difficult for beginner debaters or coaches to get familiar with the style. This document breaks down terms like arguments, clash, models, POIs, and more. This document is a good resource for anyone who is brand new to debate or wants a refresher on the terms.

To find more information/handouts for beginner debaters, check out our Resources for Students page or our Beginner Debate Skills page.

Intro to Nationals Style

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