Teachers FAQs

Teachers FAQs

How can I use debate in the classroom?

Debate is all about analysing opposing principles using public speaking. As a tool in the classroom, it can be used in a variety of subjects to discuss ideas. Debate can also be used to reinforce presentation and writing skills. Check out the teacher’s guide to debate in the classroom for ideas about how to integrate debate. If you’re looking for how to actually teach debate skim our coach’s guide or contact us to request a workshop to have a free debate workshop for your class.

Are there resource persons who can help teach in my class?

Yes! SEDA has a number of employees and volunteers available to teach free workshops to classrooms or groups of students. Workshops can be modified to fit the specific needs of your class. Contact us to book a free workshop.

Where can I find resources to teach debate and/or speech?

SEDA has a variety of resources for teaching debate or starting a club. If you’ve already skimmed the teacher’s guide, check out the coach’s resources for additional materials. The teachers section is more guided to using debate in the classroom, and how to tie it to your outcomes. The coach’s section focuses on teaching debate specifically. If you want to learn more, you can contact the SEDA office to book a free workshop for your classroom, or to find out about upcoming workshops on speech and debate.

Can you help me develop/write resolutions for the topic _______?

Yes, we have many volunteers with experience as teachers or debaters who can help you plan lessons or develop good debate topics. Contact the SEDA office if you have any specific questions about topics for your classroom, or for assistance in planning to teach debate.

How much time will it require to teach speech/debate?

It depends. Debate is a skill, just like good essay writing. If you only need to teach the basics, it can be done in 1-2 lessons. For a detailed understanding, it might take longer. We’ve made lesson plans for both in our teacher’s guide. You can also contact the SEDA office to get recommendations on altering our content to better fit your needs, or to book a free workshop for your classroom.