Resources for Coaches

Don't understand all of these terms? Not sure where to go?

Resources for Coaches FAQs

Welcome Coaches!


This serves as an introduction on how to access resources on our website including what resources are available through SEDA. 

If you have not taught debate before, or looking for resources to print for your students, please check Debate Resources for Students. The resources cover a variety areas such as: building arguments, the basics of Nationals Style, and refutation. It also includes resources on how to prepare for debate, how to create models, how to manage POIs, and much more!

The Coaches Guide

Our comprehensive coaching guide is available for download below. The guide covers everything from what debate is, to how to craft lesson plans. It also covers the logistics fo running a club, fees, membership, and your responsibilities as a coach at debate tournaments. 

Our YouTube Channel

Our YouTube channel has useful resources including explanations of the basic debate styles, debaters demonstrating/explaining a variety of skills, and more! If you've never seen a debate or wonder what one might look like, the video below shows our alumni demonstrating a debate, 'This House Believes that Disney Princesses are Bad Role Models'. Check out our channel, Saskdebate!

Demo Debate: THBT Disney Princesses are Bad Role Models

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