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Parents FAQs

Welcome to SEDA!

Hello Parents/Guardians

Welcome to SEDA! This page will provide you with the basics of what you need to be involved with your child's debating. 

What is debate?

Debate is an activity where students raise arguments and discuss issues about a specific topic against other students. Each debater is a member of a team where they must debate a given side of a topic by raising arguments, disproving their opponents' arguments, and presenting speeches. To read more about resources we provide for students or how debates function, click here.

Benefits of Debate

Through their involvement in debate, students learn a variety of skills that will benefit their academic careers and the rest of their lives. They develop critical thinking skills, research and public speaking skills, the ability to view and discuss issues from multiple perspectives, and increased confidence. In addition, debate encourages students to be informed about the world around them and grow to become engaged citizens. 

What does the year look like?

A year in SEDA is comprised of tournaments, workshops, and classes. Our schedule for each year is posted on the events page where you can also get information about each event. We encourage parents and guardians to volunteer and actively take part in supporting their debaters. 

What are my responsibilities?

As a parent/guardian of a child participating in a SEDA event, you have a few key responsibilities:

  • Fees: To participate in a SEDA event there is a membership fee of $40 for the whole season as well as a registration fee per tournament. For more information on SEDA fees and accommodations, click here.
  • Code of Conduct: Any individual who participates, volunteers, or attends a SEDA event is expected to adhere to our equity document and codes of conduct. To see the codes of conduct for parents and students, click here.

If you have any questions, please review our parent-resources page or contact us at

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