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Administering a Club

Like any other activity, debate requires organization. SEDA takes care of a large portion of the organizational aspect of running tournaments and providing other opportunities for your students. It is a coach’s job to be the link between SEDA and their students

First steps

  1. Contact SEDA to register your club 
  2. Check our Calendar to find upcoming tournaments, workshops, and other events
  3. Host your first meeting as a club and establish future meeting times. 
  4. Start teaching the basics of debate. 

The role of a club

As the head of a club, your base responsibilities involve recruitment and education of students within your community. Make sure you set regular club meetings and have a clear set of rules that align with SEDA’s constitution that you can communicate to your students, and their parents. Beyond the basics, coaches have a role within SEDA as well. It is your responsibility to:

  • Be the officially registered member under which the club’s members register for events
  • Designate one person to vote at the annual general meeting
  • Ensure the club is coached and supervised by an adult at least 18 years old and, if school based, is an acceptable chaperone who will represent the school
  • Host an event ideally once per year (in cooperation with the SEDA office)
  • Participate in the governance of SEDA by having coaches run for a position on the board

As a coach, you also need to make sure your students are paying the appropriate fees so our tournaments can function. Read more about membership options here

Make sure your students are informed and up to date about tournament etiquette so they can be a good representative of their club. 

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