Resources for Coaches

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Resources for Coaches FAQs

Tournament Etiquette
Administration, Rules and Procedures

Debate tournaments require a lot of planning from hosts, parents, coaches, and debaters alike, which can lead to stress during the tournament....

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Learning to give good feedback is a critical skill for anyone wanting to judge, coach, or help others. Feedback is a difficult skill to learn....

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Fees and Membership
Forms and Fees, Fees and Membership

SEDA is committed to making speech and debate accessible and affordable. SEDA collects annual membership fees from clubs and students wishing to...

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Coaching a Club
Coaching, Teaching Debate

Teaching students critical debate skills is your key responsibility as a coach. SEDA coaches are a cooperative group that share resources and help...

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Administering a Club
Administration, Rules and Procedures

Like any other activity, debate requires organization. SEDA takes care of a large portion of the organizational aspect of running tournaments and...

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