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What is Analysis? In its most basic form, analysis is the stuff in your argument to prove that it is right. Prove, is the key word in that...

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Logical Links

What is logical linking? Logical linking is a concept very closely related to analysis. In analysis, you prove your ideas by explaining a...

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Beginner Debate Skills

When teams are given a resolution, the proposition has several jobs including building a model or case stance, and defining the debate. Defining...

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Beginner Debate Skills, Strategy

Question or POIs (points of information) are a part of national's, world's, and British parliamentary. They are an opportunity for the...

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Basics of Public Speaking
Beginner Debate Skills, Style and Persuasion

One of the reasons people turn away from debate is because of the public speaking element. Learning to speak in front of a crowd can be...

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Beginner Refutation
Beginner Debate Skills, Refutation

Deconstruction, also called refutation or clash, is when you disprove arguments brought up by the other team. In a debate developing a solid case...

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Basic Argument Construction
Beginner Debate Skills, Argumentation

Everyone has made an argument before. If you’ve ever persuaded your parents to let you out of the house late, or convinced your teacher to...

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